About Lab

Fereshteh Tabe and Amir Shouri Architecture Lab (TaShALab) is a Think Tank architecture firm that follows a sustainable approach to architecture through a wide range of work, from urban master-plans, public infrastructure, Educational designs, civic and cultural studies and workplaces to private houses and product design. Based in New York, TaShALab has an international reputation, with award winning designs on different continents.


Work Method

From the start, wide range of work scope from master plans to furniture was the focus in TaShALab. Our proposition is susceptible to the site environment and the culture. Incorporating latest methods in building technology with innovative design ideas, is the common method in our works. TaShALab tries to find the right issues and propose the right answers to fulfill the architectural expectations of its projects.

In a professional teamwork, closely from the start of a project, designers and engineers come together to elaborate coordinated and most liable design solutions. In-house project management is always supporting the team to deliver full scope of requirements to complete the projects.  All design phases in projects are directed by Design Panel.


Design Panel 

Under regular and irregular direction of Design Panel led by founding partners Fereshteh Tabe (President, Creative Director) and Amir Shouri (Principal, CEO), TaShALab aims to accomplish projects with high quality. Whether in early stages at conceptual design or in the latest stages of architectural production, TaShALab ensures continuity and quality at every stage of any of its projects.